special conditions for group contract no. FRBOTA15127
Dear Internet user, take out your insurance online with CABINET DE BELEM for all your holiday rentals (Villas, apartments, guest rooms, campsites and mobile homes), holiday cancellation-interruption, personal liability and repatriation assistance, and set off with complete peace of mind !

Subscribe at any time :
If you're setting off at the last minute, or if you've forgotten to take out cancellation, interruption or assistance-repatriation insurance, you can subscribe right up to your actual date of departure, subject to a partial change to the cancellation guarantee.

Read carefully what follows and click on the link to subscribe online.

Read the special conditions of the contract
Read the general conditions of the contract
Protection of personal data
Insurance premium :
Hire period start date :
Hire period end date :
Number of people involved in the holiday :
Cost of the rental (in euros) :
Insurance premium(in euros) :
I have read and accepted the general and special conditions of the contract.

What are the guarantees in our contract ?
Holiday cancellation as a result of :
Serious illness, accident, death, damage to the home, redundancy Transfer, barrages, strikes
  Deposit + balance up to a limit of 8 000€
Holiday interruption as a result of :
Serious illness, death, damage to the home, -availability of the premises
  Rent not used up to a limit of 8 000€
Tenant's civil liability
Material damage as a result of fire, explosion or water damage
Damage to buildings, fixtures and fittings belonging to the owner of the rental property
Up to a limit of 1 500 000€
Up to a limit of 2 300€ with an excess of 45€
Search and rescue
Mountain or sea, carried out by an approved organisation
  Search and rescue costs, up to a limit of 20 000€
Assistance and Repatriation
Individual accident : In case of death or disability
Medical fees reimbursed
These guarantees are also explained in detail in the general and special conditions of our contract, which has sole validity in the event of a claim.

Who are we ?
Cabinet DE BELEM is an insurance broking firm registered with ORIAS under no. 07005009 ( and holder of a business liability policy and financial guarantee with AFU (Anglo French Underwriters) in line with the Insurance Regulation requirements.

We specialise in holiday cancellation insurance and are represented throughout France by our partner estate agents, online rental agencies and members of the tourist industry.

Cabinet DE BELEM has taken out a group contract under no. N°FRBOTA15127 with the insurer ACE Europe.

Who can subscribe ?
Any individual or legal entity domiciled in Europe.

What types of holiday / travel can I insure ?
All non-professional tourist holidays and holiday rentals in European Union countries, except for holidays in or trips to countries involved in war or civil war.

Who is insured ?
All individuals named in the contract when it is subscribed, and who are domiciled in Europe.

What if the rental involves a number of joint tenants :
If the rental contract involves several families, each one is guaranteed for its portion. Insurance compensation is based on the arithmetical portion of the family concerned. If the guarantee is exercised in favour of several insured parties, the Insurer's guarantee is in all cases limited to the maximum amount provided for under the guarantee. In the event of a joint tenancy, the contracting party must give the names of the joint tenants covered by the guarantee when he subscribes to the contract.

When should I subscribe ?
At any time, as the holiday cancellation-interruption contract is simple and flexible to ensure that you enjoy your holiday in complete peace of mind, even if you leave at the last minute.

Subscription conditions :
  • If the holiday is due to start more than 31 days after you have bought the holiday, you should take out your insurance within 48 hours of purchase. The purchase is confirmed by the date of signature of the contract or seasonal rental lease with the service provider.
  • If the holiday is due to start less than 31 days after you have bought the holiday, you should take out your insurance at the same time as you purchase your holiday or trip (i.e. midnight on the next day at the latest).

  • However, if these subscription conditions are not fulfilled, the reasons for cancellation that are covered are limited to death, for holiday interruption to hospitalisation, damage caused to the owner's premises and accidents that occur on the journey to the holiday destination.

    Cost of the insurance :
    4% (incl. VAT) of the cost of the insured holiday with a minimum of 25€ and a maximum of 320€.

    What do I need to subscribe ?
  • A valid email address for receiving the confirmation documents.
  • A credit card: CB/MASTER/VISA.
  • A list of participants.

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