Package of insurance regrouping all guarantees in the single volume !

  •  Insurance cancellation, Break and delay of stay
  •  Research and rescue in sea and mountain
  •  Property civil liability
  •  Assistance and repatriation


    We specialise in relations with the property trade : Estate Agents, Property Developers...

  •  A company committed to providing clients with a quality service.
  •  The firm is aware of changes in the market and has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.
  •  We use resources appropriate to our missions and sense of service,
    our internal organisation is documented, we monitor claims with great
    care and keep an eye on technical changes.
  •  We are always concerned to provide our client with a dedicated service
    and propose and design products to add to our basic offer, particularly
    to provide full guarantees and make everyone’s job easier.
    What we do
    Your Insurance broker places his expertise at your service. He is a responsible, free, independent assistant who offers his clients the best advice to provide them with the best solutions and defend their interests to the full.

    Cabinet De Belem advises its clients on analysing the risks and draws up guarantees to meet the needs identified. It is not attached to any insurance companies: it represents the client and does not indulge in any favouritism. It chooses an insurance company according to the benefits offered to the insured party in the guarantees.

    We are concerned to offer you the most reactive service possible in all circumstances. We work hard to achieve friendly relations with all our clients, in a climate of mutual trust.

    We specialise in relations with the property trade and our aim is to be a leading partner to our clients, whether they are Estate Agents, Property Developers, Managing agents or Lessors.

    The firm is well known for its expertise, professionalism, attentiveness to its clients and strong presence in the field.