Holiday cancellation guarantee


Rental accommodation is often booked long before the departure date. Unfortunately, during the period prior to the holiday date, we observe that all kinds of unforeseeable situations crop up that may force a tenant to cancel his holiday. Cancelling a booking is disappointing, but losing the deposit or the total cost of the rental is even more unpleasant.

The holiday cancellation guarantee covers the following events:
serious illness, hospitalisation, redundancy, transfer, change of holiday dates imposed by the employer, accident, death of a family member, serious damage to the home, barrages, strikes, natural disasters, etc.

Under this same guarantee you benefit from :

  • Personal liability insurance for material damage caused by fire, explosion or water damage.
  • Personal liability insurance for damage to and deterioration of movables.
  • Assistance and Repatriation insurance and individual accident insurance.

Aim of the guarantee :

  • To cover the financial loss suffered by the booking client, and the loss that the owner might suffer as a result of a cancellation. The basic guarantee is backed up by a number of other guarantees to provide the tenant and the owner with peace of mind and security.