Legal Protection for the Lessor


Changes in social and economic legislation affect companies every day in their dealings with the outside world. More and more laws and regulations, better-informed customers, etc., and you are left with increasing liability.

In this context it’s essential to be aware of every aspect and legal implication of your activity. Legal protection helps you gain a better understanding of your environment and stand up for your rights.

A full range of services to meet your needs. Because an amicable solution is always preferable to legal proceedings, we offer three levels of services :

  • Legal information, including by telephone.
  • Pre-litigation intervention by legal experts in the event of a dispute.
  • Payment of lawyer’s costs and fees and of procedural fees in the event of legal proceedings.

Aim of the guarantee :

  • This guarantee comes into play in the event of legal proceedings, to defend the insured party’s rights and interests, either amicably or before any court, with payment of all related costs and fees.